Living is learning.

Keep developing and growing

Our vision on learning and sales is that it only succeeds if it provides you with more than just a skill.

Learning is working on higher goals. Self-confidence, ambition, success, growth. Once you start reaping the rewards, you won't stop.

In order to learn effectively you might have to step outside your comfort zone. Only then you discover your thinking patterns. New interaction with others. That is the first step in the direction of effective learning.



Soon, you will have forgotten everything.

We make sure you will remember.


Within 3 weeks you will lose 90% of a training. We motivate the brain to remember the information, through practice, reward, and a little bit of magic.

Practice makes perfect, which is why we make you use your new skills immediately. You practice them, by role-playing for instance, measure the result, and improve your score.

Positive stimulating.

We call this embedded learning, or integrated learning. Create a work environment that stimulates learning. Not because we have to but because it pays of instantly and provides positive stimulation. And also because it ensures that the results are being measured.

Virtual learning.

Furthermore, we are working on blended learning with the developer of the performance software Ontuitive.


We are too small.

Why not choose Learning Delta? 


32 countries, 16 languages, 200 trainings every year. A solid team of trainers.


Seeking a little bit more? With our train-the-trainer programme we can train as many trainers as you want within a week.


We are too expensive.

Why not choose Learning Delta? 


Take 10 salespeople out of the field for two days and note the importance of ROI.


We believe that the yields of marketing must always exceed the expenses. As far as possible. And we will ensure it does.


We are not quick enough.

Why not choose Learning Delta?


No matter where you are on the globe, we can provide service at any time. We are practical but inquisitive.


Which is why, before we start, we want to know everything about:

> people
> environment
> knowledge 
> product

> strengths and weaknesses
> cases
> positioning
> the best restaurants in the neighbourhood 



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