Learning Delta CS: the complete customer service skill set in one compact training bundle. Easy implementation, no downtime, fast results. 

LDCS is a single clear approach to match all customer service challenges. A new learning experience designed by Learning Delta.

It is a combination of short interval training and on demand coaching.


The complete, not the complex. 

Learn what you need, when you need it.

Yes, our modules cover all skills a customer service professional needs. Luckily, there is no need to study 700 pages. All modules easily adapt to the needs of your company and the level of each individual. 


No training days. 

Coaching & learning while you work.

Our coaches support you while you work. This minimises impact on the staffing schedules. Also, getting direct feedback when you need it the most makes learning more effective and rewarding. Training is kept to a minimum: strictly short sessions with small groups.  


Designed for all service professionals. 

On the phone & in the field.

LDCS is designed for every service professional who communicates with a customer. Whether it is by phone, e-mail, chat, or face to face.  


& they lived happily ever after. 

First restore the relationship, than fix the problem.

When your phone rings, it might be bad news. The good news is that LDCS gives you simple techniques to change the tone of the conversation and end on a high note. 


One team, one voice. 

How to become the company.

LDCS makes sure everyone represents the company in the same semantics, the same professionalism. Create a recognizable service mentality in line with your cherished image. 


Measurable results. 

Prove your progress.

Measure results and act accordingly. Precise and no waste investments. Checklists, coach reports, recordings and scores provide a unique management tool. LDCS includes certification on KPI’s. 


Sharp price. 

An offer you cannot resist.

Want to know our daily rates? Please send us an e-mail for a personalised tender or call us at +31 (0)527 76 90 50. 



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