AfbeeldingA unique and elegant solution.

LDCS applies short interval coaching sessions. Coaches work with online recordings, recent chats or e-mails, role plays or STARR-interviews. They also accompany field agents on a service call. This enables them to pin point a participant's particular needs and coach on demand. 

Learning Delta can provide coaches but can also train coaches within your own organisation. The benefits of the LDCS coaching concept in a nutshell:


1. Minimal training costs

Getting people off the floor for long training sessions is expensive and complex in planning. Our coaching concept keeps all hands on deck.


2. Maximal transfer

Experience is the best teacher. Our coaching concept keeps people engaged in the learning process: new skills are directly put into practice.


3. Precision coaching

Everybody has different needs, talents and qualities. Coaching on demand is a precision instrument in a highly personal learning approach.


4. Long term scope

In the long term, short intense coaching sessions are more effective than one long day spent in class.

AfbeeldingChoose your coach

Work with Learning Delta coaches, or choose to appoint your own.

Training an internal coach adds valuable knowledge to the organization. It enables long term ownership of coaching quality levels.

There is one pitfall however: the technical knowhow of the manager will trigger an automatic response to what is being said, rather than to how it’s being said.

The coaches of Learning Delta focus purely on communication skills. They strictly follow up the soft skill training to maximise the transfer. Attention to personal progress ensures a long term ascending learning curve. 



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