AfbeeldingWe cannot tell you what to say. We can help you make it sound a lot better. 

Carefully selected trainings divided in comprehensive modules.

No abstract theories, but measurable and convincing result.


First line modules: 

Phone, e-mail & chat.

1 Professional & customer friendly communication
2 Effective and efficient customer contact
3 Dealing with emotions (basic)
4 Commercial awareness
5 Professional e-mails


Second line modules: 

Face to face in-company contact.

1 Dealing with emotions (advanced)
2 Situation analysis
3 Customer contact
4 Actions & agreements
5 Problem solving
6 Restoring the customer relationship


Afbeelding10 success factors:

LDCS consists of: 


1. Logbook

Measure your goals & results in a personal logbook and keep management in the loop.The book helps you navigate through the modules and includes checklists and timetables. 


2. Learning guide

All required knowledge in a comprehensive Learning Guide. The guide matches the coaching checklist.


3. Prep work

Preparing each module raises awareness and improves concentration.


4. Small group training

Short 0,5 day sessions with small groups grab full attention and minimise impact on daily service level.


5. Live coaching

Coaching sessions that focus on recent contact cases: client calls, recorded phone conversations or e-mails.


6. Knowledge tests

Basic knowledge & skill tests.


7. Personal growth plan

From module to module, the coach will review results and set new goals to ensure continuous quality and growth.


8. Results indicator

All behavioural anchors and criteria are measured with checklists and test scores. These pin point the individual coaching needs and show progress in time.


9. Management updates

The manager is periodically briefed on the progress of the participants.


10. Certification

Certification based on key performance indicators.




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