Learning Delta provides companies with strategic and operational advice on product launches and other sales challenges. Depending on the business goals, we create an assessment and learning plan.

Analysis of marketing & sales.
How can it be improved.

Our models touch a sore spot and instantly hand you a cold compress.

The launch of a new product is faltering. The sales team isn’t meeting the targets. You are losing market coverage to the competition. Sales people keep fighting the same objection.

What is the problem?
Our models are developed to find the weaknesses and strengths quickly. We look at the entire environment of the sales team: marketing, sales, and their management.
We make vague competences easily measurable. Conversations and role-plays provide information and numbers which we translate with our models to an accurate analysis.
No abstract theories, but measurable and convincing result.

We look at (among other things):
> Marketing plan                    > Knowledge               
> Positioning                          > Performance
> Sales culture                       > Marketing material 
> Behaviour                            > Bonus system

We have a practical plan for each strategic problem. You gain control over the problem by development centres, training & coaching.

"Yes, but..."
No objections.

Bending objections is our speciality. No matter how strong, we can turn any objection into a positive sales argument within seconds.

By using Chunking, objections against a product or service can almost always be turned into an advantage. We arm the sales team with undeniable arguments and evidence.

Employees can also have objections:

The competition is better than us
If you believe this, the client will agree. And you will have your body language to thank for that. Our trainings help to improve non-verbal communication. The real problem, however, lies with the employee. They will have to convince themselves, and we can help with that.

Training doesn't help
Some people are sick of training. By explaining how the trainings, combined with coaching and practice, work and how the result is measured, we rekindle the enthusiasm for learning once again.

I am already good at what I do
People discover their qualities through role-playing and are challenged to become better.

Others about us:

"Be well rested and prepared and you will get a lot out of this course!"

Nina Bremse