AfbeeldingDeal and Account Management

You are curious about the answers to a changing market and want this free “reader” with our views on it?

You recognise the situation that deals are getting more and more complex and tougher to win?

More and more deals are “all or nothing” and you need to learn more about “winning them” or at least increasing your chances?

Then click here and fill in name and e-mail address to get the PDF.

AfbeeldingThe art and science of Product Management


You would like to know more about the ways a marketing team can truly support sales – and help to win more deals?

You see a lot of marketing people in the office yet seldom in the field and you wonder if that will work?

Sales needs better tools, proof sources and argumentation to win deals and your marketing team is not a lean mean battle machine but more a PR department: writing brochures, sending “messages” but no real help to sales… and you want to change that?

 Then click here and fill in name and e-mail address to get the PDF.




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