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Learning Delta trains on all aspects of selling. Each company, each person even, has different needs. All our trainings are “In Company”. 

Top 10 competences
of sellers.

Top 10 competences of management.


1. Presenting

Selling is not presenting. Yet you have to be able to present,
whether it is for one person or a whole audience. 

2. Selling is not negotiating

Learn to play the game. 

3. Rapport

Level with your conversation partner: intonation,
body language, movements, speaking rhythm, anchors,
eye contact. Pacing & leading.

4. Listening, summarizing, deeper questioning

Learn the basis skills of a good listener.

5. Preparation for a sales call

The perfect call prep in 7 steps. 

6. Influencing needs

Find and enhance needs through chunking and spinning.

7. Metaphors

Use metaphors to emphasise your story. More entertaining
than a sales pitch and effective on a subconscious level.

8. Handling objections

Be able to handle each objection using chunking techniques to eliminate or reduce needs.

9. Always Be Closing

The wildest stories exist about closing. Ever heard of the puppy,
the Benjamin Franklin or the yes-set close?
Seriously, though: what do you do upon encountering negative, neutral, or positive buying signals?

10. Account management

Quick, effective teamwork.


1. Coaching, hands on & off (GROW)

Coach, inspire and motivate your team members.

2. Time Management & delegating

Take control of time. About priorities, time-consumers, deadlines, learning to say no, and quality time. Enabling & empowering people.

3. Train the Trainer

Improve your training skills as a manager and learn the tricks of the trade.

4. Effectively presenting

Knows how to capture an audience and stimulates interaction.

5. Sales Management

Realise your sales goals with your team.

6. Financial Management

Survey the implications of estimates and budgets. Give your staff clear boundaries in negotiating with profit- and price calculations.

7. Negotiating

Everything about effectively reaching a win-win situation. Learn about teaching this to your employees as well. 

8. Recruiting & Selection

Based on competences instead of vagueness. 

9. Project Management & teambuilding

From starting till deadline: optimise your competency in leading, coaching, delegating, organising, handling conflicts, managing relations, and building a team from a group.

10. Handling resistance

Everything about motivation-intervention techniques.

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Basic communication
Telephone skills 
Trouble shooting 
Handling complaints 
Selling skills (basic) 
Telephone selling skills 
Customer care telephone skills 
Retail sales 
Commercial skills for service 
Selling skills for support 
Advanced Selling skills 
Business presentations 
Sales planning and territory 
Strategic selling

Capital sales 
Account management and 
relationship building 
International account 
Consultative selling 
Cross & upselling 
Negotiation skills 
Sales call preparation 
Question techniques and 
interviewing methods 
Handling emotions 
Handling objections 
Argumentation and 
price defense 
Closing techniques 
Demonstration techniques 
Writing proposals

Management (basic) 
Leadership styles (basic) 
Time management 
Presentation techniques 
Negotiation skills 
Communication skills 
Customer care 
Effective meeting skills 
Project management 
Networking skills 
Financial management for 
Marketing fundamentals 
Sales management 
Recruiting and selecting staff 
Problem solving

360 Feed-back 
7 Habits (Covey) 
Call center management 
Field service management 
Sales office management 
Conflict management 
Product Management 
Change Management 
Financial Skills, business 
Coaching Skills 
Development planning and 
career counseling 
Criteria based interviewing 
Writing a sales plan 
Performance assesment



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