What is selling?

Before you can sell something, it has to have value.


The client evaluates your product on a scale of needs. The higher you get on the ladder, the stronger your position is.


You don’t sell a user friendly biotechnical measuring device. No, you must be referring to the competition. What you are selling is much better: higher turnover, better reputation, more performance.

Adding value to products. That is selling. Until your client says: “Yes, I do.” Then, and only then, you can start negotiating. First sell, then negotiate.

AfbeeldingFind and enhance needs.

Top three selling skills.

Our golden question-techniques are spinning and chunking. You keep the attention by telling metaphors and play on the client’s subconscious mind.


By spinning and chunking you play on the needs of your client. You enhance or decrease them to your advantage. SPIN was developed by behaviour psychologist Neil Rackham and chunking is an NLP technique. You learn it through training and role-playing.

Learning Delta will provide you with ammo for your sales calls.
We analyse your product in advance, finding its weaknesses and its strengths. We create an exit-strategy for each objection the client might raise. This provides you with an answer for every situation.

I am going to tell you a story. 
Metaphors are stories with a double layer. They illustrate the benefits of the product, remove doubts or stimulate a higher need.

Why? Did you know that the deeper meaning of fairy tales goes straight into our subconscious? More importantly: a story is 100x more entertaining than a sales brochure read aloud.

AfbeeldingCommunicating without speaking.

Being effective in non-verbal communication.

90% of our communication is non-verbal. On top of that, the subconscious mind is 7 times more powerful than his conscious counterpart.


Do you think the product is too loud or too expensive? Are you insecure? No point in hiding it: your body language will give you away.

Behaviour triggers behaviour. 
If you dread facing a client, he will make you feel even smaller. Believe that you will fail and create a good chance that you are right. A negative thought can quite quickly turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You will first have to be able to sell to yourself.
Body language stems from convictions, beliefs. We call these paradigms. Formulating negative thoughts positively is the first step towards a positive feeling and effective behaviour.

It sounds so simple; the glass is half full or half empty. Both equally true, yet one feels a lot better. It sometimes takes an intense course (or more ☺) to change longstanding paradigms.

AfbeeldingNo hit & run.

Learning is investing time.

Of course, we do trainings of two days. But real results are booked with longer projects.


Learning and holding on. That is what it is about. A long, attentive relationship of a few years creates return investment for management and salespeople.

There is always a new challenge in a learning process. There is always a new product and new competition.

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